Touhou Battle Arena

The above link is my way of promoting two things. Youtube repeat, did you know that youtube has a repeat button? No it didn’t. But if you just add repeat in front of youtube to any link you can search up youtube rebeat and it’ll repeat your video for you. You can listen to the same music over and over until you forget that your listening to it.

You must be wondering what the video is. Its a pretty un-known project. When the 2nd music starts, its a remix of a Ragnarok Online track by the way. Nevertheless, this game was made by the Chinese community over at I think, maybe. Its the 3rd version of Touhou Battle Arena, and yes there has been 2 other version already along with two other videos. Unlike the previous games where the fights were done in a arena such as the SDM Library or the Hakurei Shrine. The third one has more of a Gensokyo feel as you fight though-out the forest generally. In the edition of new characters such as Youmu as shown.

The game resolves around attacks and danmaku. You get hit by danmaku? You take damage and you die if your life researches 0. There are multiple ways to play this game, such as Team Mode or FFA. Usually the way to win is to get the most kills. You can’t just be running around throwing Master Sparks everywhere. You have Power to buy expensive spell cards like that or upgrade your attacks. There are also items for healing and a variety of other stuff. You’ll be playing against actual people by the way, no CPU. For those who are suddenly becoming interested. I’m sorry to break your hearts but this game is only for those that own Warcraft III:TFT. This is not a game with a dedicated server and its made with the Warcraft III:TFT Map Maker. The ending scene seems to show what the 4th episode would be dedicated too. I guess a SA version?


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