Lazy Post

Do you guys know about the new Hero Variant? In my time there was two primarily popular Hero Variants. Light Beat / Miracle Gemini, which ever name you prefer and Gate Hero. Now we see the 3rd popular Hero Variant, Bubble-Beat. At first when this card appeared and topped a OCG tournament there was a lot of WTF responses about it. Not to mention the deck ran a low monster count of about 7 with a equal number of search cards really.

What makes this variant so good? Well, first of all Bubbleman is just a search-able E-Hero Water which can special summon itself if you have no cards in your hand. Meaning, instant rank 4 Xyz. Along with fueling Masked Hero and Absolute Zero. The deck has 1 card one sided field nukes really. And that’s not easy to come back from. Plants it was easy, but now when you put the majority of your plays onto the field and you don’t draw as much anymore because there’s no T.G Hyper Librarian abuse.

I can’t help but feel like decks get worse sometimes. Just because they get a chance to shine due to the meta being how it is and etc. But that’s the purpose of card games and what makes them so interesting. They’re changing and you look forward to see more.


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