Episode 4 on Sword Girls

Episode 4 features a whole another dungeon, its hard rated and contains 30 floors. From what I heard its slightly easier then Witch’s Tower. Nevertheless, the important thing is the addition of 60 new Episode 4 cards. Including new spells / followers for all factions. Giving new types of spells and followers to add onto your deck. Looking towards a quick scan, it seems like it contains two rares and one double rare for each faction. All of the new cards require a material from the new dungeon so you better get grinding!

I’m a Vita player, with nearly 200 DP. The Slash for Cash tournament is going on and I can’t partake it in but chances is I wouldn’t of won anyways. Looking towards my cards, it seems like the best spell options that are new are Absolute Control and One Way Trip. The others are sub-par and/or situational.

The followers are more Sleep Club/ Library and Council followers, but let’s put whats at notice. We have Weekly Duty Student. A card good enough to be splashed because its play-ability is equal to cards like Reunion or Spell Swap. It switches the attacker with the attack that’s on this current card. Milty is a bad version of Layna, but even a bad version of Layna has its merits because Layna is just that good. Tieria is huge, but I heard many good things about it. Lotte and Serie our follower rare, is very powerful and can reactivate cards whenever this card is attacked. The card is fairly weak though and vulnerable to defense piercing. Don’t expect it to stay around much.


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