Sengoku Gensokyo

I never did a blog post on this I think. I’m so sad. Nevertheless, Sengoku Gensokyo a spin off Touhou doujin released way way back, being a spin-off of the popular Visual Novel Sengoku Rance. As one knows, Sengoku Rance is known for having a lot of H-scenes while being centered around fighting other countries and doing things with their woman / relationships.

Sengoku Gensokyo has no H-content. Unless there was some absolutely secret scene I didn’t find. Yukari, hosted a team danmaku game. Where youkai can team up and fight in their land for the ultimate prize in the end. A wish granted by Yukari and that kind of wish is always unreliable. It’ll solve everyone’s boredom though, so groups like Eientei and the SDM join. All for their different reasons.

What I like most about this game that although the battles do get repetitive over-time its still a story driven plot. Compared to other stuff, its not amazing. But as you can see characters grow over time is still beautiful and this game contains fair bit of this. It definitely has story telling that’s typically about standard doujinshi level. The art work has a lot of variance. I believe it was done by separate artists, but I never found it a huge issue. Or any issue at all really. It was interesting to see what style of art would come up next. Like Sengoku Rance this is a VN style, although a bit unique from the standard click and go on VN. There are battles, game-play, leveling, etc and secret scenes to unlock along with secret bosses any endings.

Its definitely worth picking up and if you play your danmaku right, you might see some old friends… or meet more about yourself and others.


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