It’s about time.

Touhou 13, Ten Desires was released at around Comiket 80. Probably like a year back, and since then many albums, PVs and doujins have came out. Such as ENS’ getting a PV featuring Futo, and there being a few translated doujinshi revolving around Ten Desire characters. I have to say despite trying to work on my Tenshi fic, I found myself reading TD doujins instead, and that didn’t go well for progress but it was certainly fun and interesting.

Do any of you have Hamachi? Perhaps if you live close to the U.S we might be able to have a match, and that’d be pretty interesting. I main Tenshi, Remilia and Yukari. I do want to learn Alice, but she’s rather hard to play in comparison to everyone else. I’m not someone who can do huge combos or amazing plays, and for all the practice I haven’t been doing lately I’ll probably forget all the BnBs I learned. But it’s not like I’m absolutely terrible at fighting games and I can do a lot better then a button masher.

That’s not even close to a small compliment though. But with everything else around it’s not like I have time for too much practice.


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