Yu-gi-oh Pojo GX

I just feel remotely obligated to blog about it. And since I’m not exactly prepared for the next chapter of Tenshi’s… who knows what, I’m going to blog about this instead. So this is a project started by me, where I was feeling bored when joining Pojo. I think I had about 500 posts at the time while watching Yu-gi-oh GX. Amazed by the stupidity of flying dinosaurs with Elemental Neos, I just felt like the anime had a lot of potential but was ruined because it was Yu-gi-oh.

What came out of it? 4 large spam threads +, where we generally talked about anything and anything. Oh and a fan fiction came out of it too. We do like, what weekly updates… if we aren’t uninspired? It’s all Lil_Yugi’s writing after all. You can find it in the fan fiction section.

Generally its our version of Yu-gi-oh GX, but we’re using Pojo characters with a whole different new story. To be honest, I have no clue what’s happening in the main story but I like all the specials, sorry Yugi. I just really have no clue what’s happening. But you guys should check it out because you might want to kill some time. Might as well.



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