Anyone remember this? It was a game back from C78, and it recently got translated. The game itself is about 80mb, so its not that huge to download but I do recommend supporting the makers, who’s name I’m forgetting right now by buying it if you truly like it. Oh, right it was Bluemica. The game was pretty fun for the short time I tried it back then and if I had to compare it to something it’d be like a chibi castlevania danmaku. You fly around and everything.

The game looks pretty nice for a doujinshi and I have rather high standards. Unfortunately my standards usually don’t put games like Super Marisa Land under notice because it’s typically not my style of game. The danmaku does get a bit much at the later parts of the game so if your computer is about 14 years old, you might experience lag here and there.

Regarding the story, I have no clue really because I was playing it in Japanese. But it’s really fun and combines danmaku elements along with castlevania travel. I won’t say that there’s puzzles from what I’ve seen, but for anyone who played Castlevania, there are items you need to get to proceed on with the story. Such as ones that let you go higher.


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