Story Time: Attempt one.

Preview: I don’t know where I’m going with this. I’m terrible writer. You guys should know that. I lack inspiration and I generally never finish anything in particular. Nevertheless. I did say this was ranodm, etc blog so it contains anything I want and anything anyone requests. I seldom get requests so time fill it up with things that I have no clue what I’m going to do.


The cicadas were crying in the morning, but this sound wasn’t heard up in the Heavens. It was considered unpleasing. Therefore there was no reason for it to be in Heaven where the celestials sing, dance and feast. Was the land up there supposed to be considered perfect? A reality of no troubles and enjoyments that humans long for. The beautiful skies and amazing peaches. If it was made to be perfect, it was truly faulty in being so. Or was it perhaps that the world was the one making it faulty. For one with emotions, the repetitiveness of scenes that played in Heaven caused boredom after many long years. With seemingly endless time to wait, that causes boredom and thus a flaw. A flaw made as a result of the presumed perfect paradise.

It was only for that one reason; boredom, that she was down at Earth today. So, she could hear the cries of the cicadas. The mud under her boots were leaving her trail on the ground and the hot sun reflected off her hat. Her dress white and colorful had not a speck of dirt on it. The celestial silk was meant for avoiding most common impurities.

Up in the mountain, she took to flying. It was a lot more faster this way after all. Stopping on as she reached a house by the stream. “Having a house in such a place like this. Well, I guess its perfect for youkai that live down here.” the girl thought. Knocking on the door, silently; there was no response. The door was left un-opened as Tenshi invited herself in. She was in a japanese styled room with a scroll hung at the wall, but the room was mostly devoid of items and wasn’t even lit.

In the deeper rooms of the house, there was a workshop where a sleep deprived kappa was hard at work.


I’ll finish this later. Maybe. And I’ll draw a picture, maybe. Probably not.


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