League of Legends / Touhou Version?

Yeah, yeah. You know about the game League of Legends right? The game that was inspired by Dota and has touhou references, such as Lux being based of Marisa Kirisame and items such as Yoummu’s Ghostblade. I think there’s either a double mm or a double uu in the beginning. I forgot which. The game is extremely popular because it’s team play, flash animations and fast-pace gameplay which also requires a fair amount of skill. Similar to FPS games but less linear.

Dota was the inspiration of that, Dota stands for Defense of the Ancients. A AoS game that was made by Warcraft III custom map maker. It has been a group project for many years and it still continues on today. The game style plays as two different bases, equal in strength continues to send units against each other. There are 10 players maximum. Usually, this 10 players is filled.

The game has heroes, each one being played out by a player. One hero is picked individually by each player before the game. In Dota there are massive amounts of heroes, probably reaching to the hundreds. Each with their own individual stat gains, skills, strengths and weakness. These skills and stats are constantly readjusted to make a balanced and changing game that captures your interesting.

Dota is a team game and every different hero has its part. I can say even the most experienced players cannot take on a well-built team all alone. There are too many factors to apply in.

And therefore, you guys are probably wondering where the Touhou part comes in. With the AoS genre being more popular, there has been multiple Touhou AoS games made for Warcraft.

The more popular ones are called DoTS, Defense of the Shrine. Or WoL / Daydream Breaker. WoL is a nickname, Daydream Breaker got after the creator was playing a game of WoL that lasted 2+ hours. And therefore, it got the name Waste of Life.

I’ll be honest with you I hardly play these games at all. The community isn’t huge and whatever huge community there is seemed to be primarily Chinese.  But if your interested, then for all of this  blog post which is meaningless to you. I’ll at least attribute you with a new Touhou community for the sake of having this blog post apply to people other then people with Warcraft III TFT.

Type in as a url, Touhou.cc

You’ll find it.



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