Concealed the Conclusion

Honestly really? To be honest, I’m not too fond of meeting other Touhou fans. It’s very painful and I get very jealous when people cosplay as Touhou characters or say XXX is their waifu or love. Things like that, among with discussions that I don’t feel a center of. I may just be wanting to flaunt my superiority regarding the thing I love the most and that may be arrogant of me, but I dunno.

And then there are the people who try to convince other people that XXX is canon or that Touhou sucks. That annoys me too. I mean, I don’t really mind the canon/fanon talk. As a matter of fact, I particularly enjoy it. But when your trying to pass off for example, CTC as canon. Then I have to wonder what’s up with you.

Speaking of CtC, it refers to Concealed the Conclusion. It’s a Touhou doujin spin-off game that is made by fans and released sometime around C71. That’s about ’06 for you people. Generally, compared to Touhou games the quality isn’t that great. But it still stands strong for a game that was made in ’06 and it isn’t that painful. It’s just a shame that power-ups you actually have to directly touch instead of getting near. And the movement seems a bit clunky and there are some animations that they didn’t bother putting in.

Anyways, long story short. The below will contain spoilers. But there isn’t a complete CtC english patch out there anyways.

So you play as Marisa, only Marisa. Starting out with 4 scenerio’s of your choice but you all end up at the same ending. It just effects what happens in the beginning stages. You begun by flying to the Hakurei Shrine, wanting to show her your new flower-blooming magic. But you see it closed down and Reimu is no where to be seen. A incident! And you end up investigating this by going to a variety of different places. This is where the scenerios come in. You either go to the SDM and or places like Eientei. The game like any other traditional Touhou game has 6 stages. But in this case, 2 extra stages.

I don’t feel like spoiling too much of the ending. Well, nevertheless if you want to know you can always look it up on en.touhouwi…wiki/wikia or pm me. Let me just say that it’s emotional and rather sad. So if your going to play it might as well bring something to cry into.



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