Today’s update.

What happened to my break ;_;. Well, I got new headphones today so I suppose it’s not a complete failure. They’re cheap and really cheap.

Yu-gi-oh is boring. I mean there’s no inspiration to do anything new. I have to give at least Sword Girls some credit for keeping me in the game. It’s funny how the game can flow so differently after one turn. It feels like a back and forth game of tug a war.

Because you can annhilate strong units because of their life value. Or there’s even spells that swap stats with your own stats. Things like that, it’s interesting to play during your homework and there’s a lot of canon representations of yuri if your interested in that stuff.

You’re probably wondering about the picture aren’t you? Apparently bread racing is a custom. Racing and you bite off the bread in the end. It looks like Suwako is having a bit of trouble doing so, and I wonder why Sanae isn’t doing it.

The hand is drawn weird on Kanako but I suppose since hands are hard to draw. I want to be a better artist, I’m thinking of taking summer classes, but I hate summer classes. I always have to take them and ugh ;_;



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