I don’t know bro.

So let’s talk about random stuff. Uhhh, okay. So, the winds are blue, the roses are pink. This is getting old and Yuuka thinks so too. Oh and Yuuka will be twisting your front teeth the other way and I’ll assure you it’ll be very very painful. A interesting point that I’m curious about is how dangerous Yuuka actually is in real life. Admittedly she’s on one of the point of the much stronger Youkai’s out there. Or at least we seem to get that impression. Her ability doesn’t seem to be too powerful, but she’ll fire Double Sparks and there’ll be nothing left of you. You’d think with her existing so long she’d have a good control over her emotions. But equally, hundreds of years of being nearly alone would pretty much suck. Is she a sadist in real life? That’s definitely something I’m interested in. But unlike Flandre, she probably knows a lot better on how to control her powers.

Would she be a tsundere like as portrayed in fanon depictions? I’d love to meet every Touhou character in real life to find out who they truly are.  Any way, I’d love them all the same and my love would simply grow. Don’t the rest of you guys agree?




2 responses to “I don’t know bro.

  1. I don’t think Yuuka is a tsundere. To me, she seems like she’s generally polite. She will, however, probably kill you if you find a way to get on her nerves.

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