8th MMD potential winner.

Yeah, I can’t be bothered to search up the link. Just look up 8th MMD Touhou if you want to find it. This is something Is aw a while ago, but I never did bother to make a repotr about it. the last 7th MMD winner was Touhou Sweet Magic which was amazing. Nevertheless, I believe the next MMD winner will be a video with Reimu and Marisa fighting regarding the IN events. The animations are flashy and it was a pretty good minor depiction of danmaku fights without too much danmaku to make it completely un-see able.

Do you guys remember how you could choose who you wanted to be in Imperishable Night? Well, in this case it’s Alice and Marisa vs Reimu and Yukari. They throw spell cards at each other until one ultimately wins. I’m not going to tell you who wins though, that’s for you to find out.

The video is up on NicoNicoDouga of course and on Youtube by various uploaders such as Reddevils500b. Generally it shouldn’t be hard to find at all.

With that being said, I’ve made a thread about Sword Girls somewhere on Pojo you can easily find it if your interested by looking at my recent threads.



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