Well, today’s monthly update.

Due to the lack of responses, no surprise there. I decided to go with one of my own few responses. To do the report on Memories of Phantasm. I just realized that playing minecraft gives me a head-ache. Maybe it’s the camera but I just can’t take it. Well, let’s see if I’ll be fine later.

I thought this would be a good ban list.

Banned, Card Destruction. A sacky card that helps both Empty Jar and Dark Worlds. It’s much less sacky for Empty Jar, but for both decks it just makes insane plays that one card shouldn’t be capable of.

Banned, Monster Reborn. I have to say, I’m quite fond of this card. But I don’t see it bringing many productive things to the game. Except turn around win’s but I’m leaving Dark Hole.

Banned, Gateway of the Six. Six Samurai become a lot more stronger with it’s main problems injured from the meta game. I don’t think hitting Smoke Signal to 1 would do more then banning Gateway, so I went for this instead. It prevents sacky plays from opening this one card and it maintains the rest of the deck.

Banned, Solemn Warning. A powerful card for a cheap cost. One of the hated cards that a lot of people wanted to bring back Storm to counter.

Limited, Tour Guide of the Underworld. A semi-limit wouldn’t be useful, and this you’d need some devoted targets to use it. I don’t find it’s usage in Dark Worlds that bad and being a flexible card I’m quite fond of it. I don’t see single usage that bad, and quite frankly I don’t see why to ban it instead of limiting it.

Limited, Maxx “C”, being able to stop your whole turn’s spam or produce amazing advantage off a searchable card is insane. I’m already hitting a lot of the special summoning and give me a break.

Limited, Tribe-Infecting Virus. The card is a glorified Lightning Vortex that’s slightly stronger. But being slightly stronger then Lightning Vortex doesn’t give it any props.

Limited, Inzektor Centipede, Keep your Inzektors on the field. It’s fine and they are more vulnerable there. However, out in the hand which none by Mind Crush and Wind-ups can touch. You can make sure that they’ll have another play the next turn. Without Centipede, they won’t be able to do as they always do.

Limited, Wind-up Zenmaighty. Being able to spam a lot of monsters this way is just something we want to personally go away from.

Limited, Mystical Space Typhoon. I’m not trying to have a non-trap format. Not to mention there are a lot of less flexible cards that work decently for the same purpose.

Limited, Skill Drain. This is being abused to a one sided advantage way too much. With less MSTs it’ll be harder to get rid of and it’ll help a lot of decks if this was gone.

Semi-Limited, Broww. I’m not fond of limiting another card when the engine has already been somewhat hit withCard Destruction. This will lower the targets for Tour Guide along with hurt consistency slightly.

Semi-Limited, One for One. Many of its good targets are gone. Not even Piper decks run this too much. I suppose it could support Infernities, but who are they?

Unlimited, Spore. The main tuner was Glow-Up Bulb, a card that requires self-interaction but would help bring Synchro decks back into the meta doesn’t seem too harmful.

Unlimited, Tragoedia. Trag Gadgets are a thing of the past. Sadly, this card has lost a lot of its usage and would only serve as side deck material that people would love back.

At any rate, this is all I can think of at the moment. Problem?

Potential Post GAOV considerations.
Limited, Card Car D. It’s being splashed everywhere and it’s a really powerful effect. With things slower, this will just become more and more powerful, like Shard of Greed.

Banned, Gustaph Max. In all hopes we don’t get it in the first place. Hieratics would only be able to consistency pull out a 7700 damage in one turn if it’s not interrupted. Unless they sack by having exactly one Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon in your hand along with two in the deck and 3 more Hieratics in your hand. With Card Car D limited, that doesn’t seem to happen often. This will also stop annoying Chain Material OTKs that no one really wants to face.
New Considerations.
Banned, T.G Hyper Librarian. A powerful card that allows you to draw and helps so much against synchro mirror matches. Limiting still allows you to produce the same effect and double was just over-kill anyways. This will hurt Lavals a lot.

Semi-Limited, Rekindling. I feel like Flamvells need some form of life. But the plays made with this card is so insane it just can’t go without a hit. I think it shouldn’t be limited because that’s just over-kill and that way they won’t even be able to compete anymore with T.G banned.


Does anyone like that picture with Daiyousei? I really do for some reason.


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