A century of love.

The devotion of Touhou fans never cease to amaze me. You can truly see the difference between something made because you have too and something made out of love. Speaking of love, a century of love would be nice… Lately that’s what I’ve been thinking about a lot. Ah, love… But whenever I think of love the first thing that usually comes to mind is Marisa x Alice.

Its not a canon pairing but it makes my heart beat. Have any of you felt that before? It hurts sometimes but having your heart race. And this way you don’t even need drugs! Joking, joking.

Someday, I hope to fall in love as well. Guy or girl. Right now I don’t seem to care too much as long as its someone I like. But when I think about the off-chance that someone’s in love with me and that I make their heart race but the feeling isn’t mutual. How am I supposed to feel about that? The obvious response is to turn them down politely but its still rather saddening.

As for a child or living together? Uhhh….

Regardless, the wiki has all the translations for the book I mentioned yesterday right? Well, not all of them but its getting updated. If you want to see some insight on some translated pages then I think this is a nice place.



Symposium of Post-mysticism

Official Touhou Fanbook released on April 27 of 2012. Containing information on every single character from Mountain of Faith to Ten Desires. If you recall, we had a similar book for EoSD to PoFV. Extending onto the characters the book contains 184 pages that has content regarding the religions in Gensokyo along with interviews with ZUN. The release date for the book was repeatably pushed back until finally being released.

Scans have been posted and you can read parts of the book on Touhou wiki if you desired. However due to the book not being out for that long, not all pages have been translated.


The book is rather significant though all the fanon content, this book is truly what we can use to determine what is truly considered Canon. Such as the character’s appearance and other features however weird the results may be. Such as Nitori or Hina having high danger rates and fairly low human relationship rates. Or other features depicted in the art such as Satori actually having breasts.

That being said, the wiki doesn’t have all the information that is in the book of course. So if I were you and had some extra cash, I’d order it if you actually knew Japanese. It’s definitely worth the read.



Doujinshi Recommendation – Reverse

Have you guys ever seen a AlixRei pairing? Well, you see it involves Alice and Reimu. I know, its mind-blowing. The color that made it is Jalapeno Chips, its on Danbooru full translated in a pool if you want to see it there.

The art is pretty decent and the story over-all was heart-warming. Its a bit of childish cuteness or how people would like to say. So if your looking for something serious this probably won’t be for you. The story opens up with Alice waking up one day with Reimu in her bed. The point of their relationship is that they’re both attracted to each other but Reimu is more direct about it while Alice is more shy about it.

Alice isn’t exactly a tsundere though. Due to certain incidents that  do not involve Youkai causing havoc one place or another. Reimu loses her memory of what happened. The extent of her losing her memory isn’t exactly specified but Alice has to go though moments where she has to explain their relationship to her. Causing her to open up a little bit more.

Hm. I think I’ll leave it at that. If you like it this way, then PM me and give me your thoughts. I think I explained enough of the story without giving out the good parts.

It seems like I get sick…

Whenever I do something involving water. Whatever. So, I haven’t mentioned a lot of characters, so let’s get started.

Eirin, Eirin.


Sadistic Eirin.

Obviously, she’s not canonically sadistic, I doubt any of them are, except maybe Yuuka but that’s definitely up to very easy interpretation. Final Stage boss and 5th stage boss depending on which character route you chosen. But ultimately Kaguya is considered as the final boss of IN. Eirin basically over-sees Kaguya, coming with her from the moon to escape. Her highlights are medicines and un-usual drugs so that tends to give Touhou a medical approach for anything unusual.

If your wondering what those things in the video are, they’re Sin Sacks. I know they have Chaos Armor, but they’re Pierce enough with Patchy’s chaos attack. No one will get the reference, I know.

The turn of the month is Tuesday, so there isn’t much time then. Honestly I have quite of few tests next week so its going to definitely be troublesome for me. I’ll see what I can do about the monthly video though. I have gotten some suggestions but I honestly prefer something more recent that way probably not all of us have seen it.


I’m busy.. again

I’m in a rush, because I’m going to be busy later today. Which is shown because I’m actually doing today’s blog post fairly early and not 3 hours before midnight. Sword Girls has been upgraded to the 5th chapter, featuring the first Hard Dungeon. It comes with patch notes that you can view in the main page that contain details such as fixed text but no new cards in the Lab. It also comes with the removal of the Morning Cards and Chocolate from the lab.

You might be wondering what I’m in a rush for, well later tonight I’m going somewhere so I have things to do before I get back if I do get back and I don’t get gapped by Yukari.

Priority is gone or is at least going to be gone. Prices of cards such as Veiler, Bottomless have spiked and cards such as Rescue Rabbit have declined in price. Its hard to imagine them spiking any higher so yeah.

I wonder if we’ll start to see people maining Raigeki Break.  Now its purpose is similar to Book of Moon but more flexible. You end up using more resources though so it may not fit the TCG meta, but we’ll see.


Meido + Puella Magi Yukari Magica

What is a meido, remember you are meido. Meido is you. Meido loves you, you love meido and ultimately you wish that Moot would get rid of Meido so you can post whatever you want on boards. Meido is /jp’s/ janitor, or somewhat like a admin who only deletes completely random topics who aren’t even slightly relevant to like anything. Such topics would unfortunately be like Flanfly or discussions about being a little girl. So sad.

I don’t know the history but Meido is usually portrayed as being a maid, thus her name. Of course she’s usually hated towards some extent, or that just how it seems. To be honest it is the internet so even if people do seem angry most people probably aren’t.

It makes me wonder if people becoming more and more sensitive is a good thing and that there should be no middle ground.

On a side topic, what is a guy’s greatest pleasure? I’m interested to hear this from all of you privately. No this is not a paragraph to fill the last 50 word count I need for today’s quota. One of my friends would say his fantasy is to be rode on by a 10 year old girl. Well, not like that can’t be arranged, just go to a daycare and raise one of them to be a dominatrix. Not that you should actually do that.


I don’t think I need to say more, the picture explains it all. Most of you should of watched Madoka to some extent or at least heard of QB. The doujin is revolved around Yukari telling Ran about her time as a Mahou Shoujo. It was brought up when Ran discovers a photo album. It’s a pretty cute read I think…? Its definitely cute but I can’t help but feel a bit… Well either way I recommend it. I wonder whatever happened to that cat.


Starter Decks in Sword Girls

It’s late and I realized I haven’t done my blog post yet. Its hard what to do it on seeing how all I’ve been doing is reading and work. And a few other things but…

Are any of you still interested in Sword Girls? Well, there are 4 factions to consider, Crux, Vita, Academy and Darklore. Whichever you pick you just start out with that respective starter deck. All the cards from all the various faction are still available for you. I am a Vita player, down and out, these aren’t too common. However, Vita as it stands are considered the worst faction, until later episodes where new support make then top tier. But that’s a discussion saved for the current Korean players.

They say Vita revolves around attacking all opponents at once, but SG lies. Let me give you the accurate run down of all the decks.

First, choosing which deck you’ll start with is important. Not really in terms of getting cards. Every card you start out with will be a 1pt common, 1pt is the lowest amount showing how easy it is to make among other things. Putting things in perspective, a 1pt common requires around 7 materials to make. Where duels can obtain from as low as 2 materials to as high to around 7. Rares are the 3rd highest and 3rd lowest rarity in the game so far. The highest being triple rare, the lowest being common. Rares come in 13pts and 33pts. If I wanted to put it in perspective, let’s just say after 1000 duels, counting losses I have only been able to obtain 2 33pt rares.

A starter deck is a deck with 40 pts, because every starter deck contains 30 1pt commons and one character card which is 100 materials around total to make at the Lab and 10pts in your deck. I personally have 200 pts in my deck. Which is rather high for a non-paying user. For a english player, the highest pts a card has so far is 50pt for a double rare. Requires a double rare requires you to win a tournament or trade in 4 33pt rares or sometimes even more.

But I digress, regarding the decks let me rate them in the general opinion on how they start out.

First is Crux, Second is Academy, Third is Vita, Fourth is Darklore. But wait I told you all Vita sucked right? That’s not exactly true. Vita is actually just out-classed but its not bad, decks such as Crux generally have more stronger cards. Until later that is. Darklore has the worst starter but as you get more cards I heard it gets decent fast. You may want to ask a experienced Darklore player about that though.

The play-styles in Sword Girls are fairly similar when facing off no-brainer NPCs. Buff the strongest unit maybe protect it a bit to stop removal cards… But there’s a lot of card variance.

First its Crux. Generally Crux is the top tier of the meta game right now. With really strong followers and spells they become really powerful and fast in both terms of strength and life. They mix with other factions to acquire some removal spells. I heard while Absolute Control was bugged Crux players switched their character to Vita just for that removal. This is the deck people complain most about and the most popular.

Second Academy, if I had to rate this I’d honestly put it as stronger then Darklore. But I’m not 100% sure. Academy is a deck based around maids and de-buffs. Two usually appealing things. Hybridization with Academy Debuffs for Vita players is getting more and more common. I’m honestly not too sure about its followers. However they are fairly powerful with decent stats and effects  except for the fact that the 50pt follower double rare they have is completely and utterly bad. Well, its good for its stats but the effect is situational.

Third Darklore, it seems like Darklore focuses on a lot of cards that tend to revolve around making one certain unit stronger by relying on the strengths of others. But in the beginning you’ll have a deck around Sion and Rion. Vampire sisters, one of them has a low attack, decent defense and high life. Also when its attacked all Sion and Rions on the field gain 1 life. The other vampire has a decent attack, no defense and a average life but in exchange whenever it attacks all Sion/Rions gain 1 damage. Generally with these on the field things can get annoying and fast. Past that it has a lot of spells that rely on the positioning of your units and what other units you have on the field. This deck can get one really strong unit out almost costlessly and protect it pretty easily.

Four Vita, at first you’ll start with Cook Club. Let me just say that Cook Club is nearly effect-less. The best effects in it you’ll realize are terrible later on because they’re too slow to match with the meta game. And for a good amount of time you’ll just generally be buffing them because Cook Club gets a pretty powerful buff spell. However once you switch to Council or Library its a fairly solid deck where followers depend on other cards you have to get stronger. Somewhat like Royal Paladins in CFV but more devoted. Let me give you three examples.

1. Council Celine.

4/3/7. I think those were her stats. It’s really decent for a size 3. For those who don’t play yet, let me show you how things are calculated. The first number is attack, 2nd is defense value, 3rd is life. To calculate damage, just take the attack, reduce it by opponent’s defense and subtract the reminder from life. Negative damage does not heal though.

Nevertheless, Celine has a effect when it is attacked to return one Council card from your hand to the top of your deck giving her +1 attack and +2 life. That’s what I mean, and you just draw the card right after for more buffs.

2. Prefect Layna.

4/2/8, a card important in the main story along with being the prefect of Vita High School. A size 1 who’s effect where whenever she is attacked she gains the amount of cards in your hand +1 as life for each attack. A 33 pt rare which is splashed in any deck because she’s just that good.

3. Lib. Ace

3/2/8; her stats were around there. She’s another 33 pt rare that’s a size 2. At the start of every turn all Vita followers on the field, or non-spell cards. Gain 2 attack and 2 life. Every single one, just by looking at the starting stats you can realize how good that is and how much it builds up.

Generally for the easiest time I’d start out with Crux but find something you enjoy playing. I explained it here so I hope you find a deck you like.