Minecraft Day 1.

I awakened in a new world. The land was blanketed in snow along

with the trees. It was freezing my body even though the sun was

still out. I wanted to find someone, I really did. But it was just so

cold that I could hardly go anywhere. I looked around and walked

here and there. Finding myself a frozen small pond, glad that I at

least had some water in this bizarre place. There, I rested breaking

though the ice to get some water. Night fell, and I was at work

breaking though the ice when I was suddenly attacked by a giant

spider. Scared, I backed up to the wall, throwing punches at the

open air until it didn’t move anymore. It was dangerous at night, I

dug a giant hole deep into the ground and hid until the next


I hid and dug deeper into the hole. So deep I couldn’t even see

the light at the end of it when morning came out. I had wood that

I magically obtained earlier, I don’t know how I got it either.

Making some space in the hole, I built a few torches to light my

way as I dug a staircase up. Back to the Surface, a arrow piereced

my chest. I was knocked back, finding myself head to head with a

skeleton. I rammed my pick axe into it’s body, but all it did was

flinch. It pulled back the string, aimmed it at me. Then everything

went dark.

Perhaps next time, I should make smarter decisions.


Summary of my first experience in Minecraft. Tomorrow I’ll do the Monthly Video.



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