Low Energy

I feel very tired. I should try one of those energy drinks my friend is recommending to me. I’m not particularly sports-like, but that doesn’t mean I’m fat or anything. I’m actually as people say, really light. I do happen to stay at home a lot. For a variety of reasons. One is because there isn’t much to do outside for me, and there isn’t really anyone I want to see. It’s a hard hard day, and I feel somewhat that I usually have enough of people by meeting them at school.

Not to say the people I meet are particularly bad or anything. It’s just a bit tiring along with everything. More so that lately, I’m going with the Social Life, Sleep, Good Grades pick two approach. I think they skipped me when they were asking me which two I wanted.

But, I’ve been watching mine craft! I cannot manage to somehow spend 10$ for this game so I’ve been watching a let’s play. Along with everything else, there’s been a group of people that have been making giant towers of Touhoumon characters. That probably only take about two seconds to burn down in the end. Such a shame for multiplayer.



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