It’s the end of the month, nearly.

With that, I need to do another update. Not on my blog this time, I’ve been updating my blog every day like a good girl. So someone pat me on the head, eheh. But for Team Miracles, I need a monthly video update. There’fore, I’ll ask you. Yes, you the random lonely guy sitting in his mom’s clothes in your room with the lights turned off. I mean, wahh?

Joking aside, what would you guys like to see? No one ever really PMs me regarding my blog psots. Because not many people actually read them at all. You have until that day to PM me about what you want and I’ll take all your recommendations into consideration! Although I’m expecting next to none if I make the request here and not just ask people directly.

Perhaps, I should just post it on Pojo, at least that way I know people looked at it.

Ah, yes. About Sword Girls, there’s no 2nd day edition. The whole day, the game has been down for server issues and what not. Not a great way to start off the 2nd day seeing how the first day ended with multiple disconnects.

I’m not really complaining though.



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