Sword Girls Review / Comments.

So, today the open beta of Sword Girls came out.  A online card game containing a cast that’s primarily girls. Sound familiar? Well, today I decided to check it out, as I was quickly joined the game that required no download what so ever. Only to meet the important decision of picking from four starter decks that I wanted to choose. Being me, I decided to pick, Vita. I was quickly thrown into a lobby after choosing what channel I wanted to go into. With multiple options on the side and people chatting on the bottom. With all my MMORPG knowledge, first place to go is usually the quests. So I completed the quests only to burn though my token rewards until I found out they costed real money to get more.

Taking on the Dungeon for the first time, I decided it’d be in my best interest to face off against the Easy Dungeon that has a total of 10 Floors. Each floor, I was subject to fighting one of four different kinds of enemies who used one different deck against me. They were all annhilated with little difficulty except irritation when my best units swapped stats with their weakest unit. Stopping short of only blowing my field.

Luckily, hands size means nothing and it sure is good to have a game where monsters stay for a while. Did I say monsters, I mean girls.

Facing the 10F stage boss that I heard everyone was losing too I figured I’d probably end up having a similar fate. And as a matter of fact, I did. I ended up losing to the same boss 6 times so far. And when you lose, you have to start all the way back at the beginning of the dungeon. Going back 10Fs only to win two item resource cards per fight. Eventually I smartened up and crafted some of the cheapest cards possible to improve my deck. Only conflicted with the fact I lost against due to bad hands. Even with double mulligan, the chances of that is…

Well, so I tried once more, allowing me the chance to rampage my enemies. Only to stop on F7 as I somehow disconnected from internet causing me to start over  again.

So sad.


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