I just realized something. I spend a lot of time on forums posting. Then I spend more time posting no here. Therefore, can’t I combine the two?

Danbooru at worst is its ads. You can also putting, rating:safe and its the same as Safebooru, except for the ads.

But most importantly, your looking for this stuff.

Which the majority is actually safe. If Safebooru is for safe stuff. And Gelbooru is for non-safe stuff. Danbooru has some of both but is mostly in-between. The majority is safe though, don’t worry. I can even give you some front page recommendations.

Rapattu’s 4 Season’s House is a classic and its nice to read. There are times where he goes on long hiatus and times where he does a update every day. It really depends.

Hang in there, Kogasa-san. By Mizuki is a 4koma drawn by a Touhou por- artist. The content is all safe rated though. In this 4koma, it’s just comical events in his life exaggerated for humor and self-inserts of him and his friends. He’s portrayed as Kogasa while his life is portrayed as Sanae. They are fairly popular. From what I heard, a danbooru member was talking about how they were talking to him at Comiket. Although the danbooru member wasn’t very good at Japanese. A few days later, or maybe even the next day, Mizuki drew a 4koma of his experience of it. This is daily updates so its always good to check up.

Instant 200 words. Yes, I’m starting to get lazy, but I’m going to start on my homework right now, kay?

I’m sure most of you guys know how a lot of the fandom calls Sanae a slut. Which is a running meme like everything else, I blame doujins like Happy Flame Time, although as awesome as it is. But when you think about it canonically, who’s the only named character who ever had children?

If you want a hint, she’s in my picture. Yup, yup. By the way the text when translated says, “I-It’s actually my first time… /// (Men, they are so easy, aren’t they?)”. The red text is just BLUUUSH. Or something around those lines. I’m not a translator of any sort, sorry you guys. I’m just taking this off danbooru.



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