The remnants of YCS Long Beach

Yes, it’s a two part edition. Because I feel bad, and sick really. I haven’t started on any of my work and I figure I might as well do my blog post before I forget. Not that its relevant, if your coming to me for Yu-gi-oh help, then you might as well be posting in the novice section.

But I’m just here to report the increase of price in Skill Drain, I think. Along with the selling out of Piper on popular sites.

Have you guys read the Hunger Games, its a interesting book so far. Survival books tend to interest me, although I can’t really help but feel like wanting to skip to the survival part.

So you know about that cross-over anime with Touhou that some company announced for their 10th anniversary special? It was apparently released and watched on a 5 day period. Did I already post this here? I’m not sure really.

At any rate, some people Japan watched it and told me about its plot, or so they said. In general, it was pretty much a pretty big lights show involving the Touhou characters coming to our world. And Flandre etc, etc.

Might as well pass you a link.

But, that’s it. Martia, activato modo.



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