YCS Long Beach

I live in California and I probably should of went, should I? Has a girl ever once won a event like a YCS, I don’t think so. Guys would probably make a huge commotion about it though. With that in mind, it looks like the Top 8s has been released. The majority is Dino Rabbit, I’m not really surprised. I was hoping for a rogue deck, but sadly not. At least Chain Burn made Top 16. But 4000+ people? Anyone should be proud to make it in the Top 64, but not arrogant. After all, don’t we already have enough of those kinds of people around?

Ah, I should of probably made that post about that Touhou 10th anniversary anime. No, no. It’s not Touhou’s 10th anniversary, after all the game started in the 1990s or so. But a company made a Touhou x something, cross over anime to celebrate their 10th anniversary. It’s fairly old news that came out at the end of ’10.

They played it in select theaters over a span of 5 days, ending 2 days ago on the 23th of March. People are wondering if there will be DVDs of it, but of course they aren’t allowed to make money off ZUNs characters. If anyone magically got a copy/recording, then that’d be amazing. I heard a general outline of the plot and from what people say, its just generally a flashy light show. I still want to see it though.


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