Favorite Music Special

Were you expecting something great? I’m afraid I probably disappointed you. But this is mainly a special dedicated to my favorite remix of all time. I honestly have to admit when I listen to a music on loop too often, it starts to bore / hurt. But this is the exception, over thousands of times I’ve listened to this song, on my ipod alone. Who knows, maybe the times I’ve listened to this reached the tens of thousands.

This song is, [Track]: 風導星歌、黎明ノ景 ( Fuudou Seika, Reimei no Kei ).

The album this song has been in are Lucent Wish and EastNewSoundBest Vol.1 Its a remix of

Original ( by ZUN ):
[Game]: 東方風神録 ( Fuujinroku ) ~ Mountain of Faith
[Track]: 少女が見た日本の原風景 ( The Primal Scene of Japan the Girl Saw )
[Theme]: Sanae Kochiya (Stage 5)

Which I’ve announced as my favorite Touhou theme. What one really must do when listening to this song is know the lyrics. Because they really are beautiful.

The un-translated version can be found here.


Among other places.


Here is the translation.

Translating the title it becomes, Song of Stars Guided Upon the Wind, Dawning Landscape.

In the song, she repeats how she prays and hopes for her dreams. Although the dreams she prays for is not stated in the song one could have a guess based on her character. I personally find this a very moving and inspirational song that has given me strength these last few years that my own dreams will come true as well.

The music is pleasant to hear and the vocals go along well. I hope all of you can find the same pleasure I get out of listening to this song.


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