You know how…

The weekend is supposed to be some form of break? I’ll be busy trying to cram for dead lines and studying. Why does school have to be so horrible ;_; But I’m lethargic, and I really don’t feel like working. I guess that evens out although it won’t help me meet my dead lines.

At any rate, about that pudding archtype, Madolce or something. The new OCG one that resolves around having no monsters in the graveyard and returning monsters to the deck when they get destroyed. The current cards which I’ve seen seem to indicate a lack of further T1 potential for the deck. I mean, at least Wind-ups has a pretty decent win-condition before further support blasted them to T1. You’d need some serious support for this deck to get anywhere, and the fact that the chance is generic monsters would hurt this deck and it can’t abuse Macro? There isn’t too much potential there yet. Therefore, I won’t be investing in this deck unless further support is anounced and I’ll see where that goes.

YCS Long Beach is tomorrow right? Remember to give me a shout out, 133T. Good luck and I hope everyone has fun and does their best. Although I live in the state, I won’t be going. Shame.




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