Weekend Update

Today’s update is about what I’ll be doing over the weekend. Stop reading now because your probably not interested.

Generally, my weekend will be filled with Dota and some other gaming. The majority will be towards actually doing my homework which seems unlikely but I’ll try to start it eventually.

Wow, I’m boring. Well time for a album recommendation. Girl Revolution, check it out. Its Touhou, but what catches my eye most is the last remix. By RD-Sound and 3L. Its a Patchouli Theme remix, which expresses her enjoyment in reading books and the endless worlds found in books. If you want, there are english translations up on various places like youtube.

This is definitely one of my more favorite tracks that I’ve found this year. I’m still hard pressed to find someone who can beat my most favorite track of all time but I’ll save that for a further update.

If you noticed in my Team Miracles 3rd page, someone posted up a Table Flipping game, its addicting, I’m level 50k+ already and leveling twice per second. All I need to do is leave it over night and I’ll get like 20k+ levels.

I feel like whenever I leave my computer on, I wake up on a hourly interval though.



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