Touhou Doujinshi – Plastic Song!

Long story short, its a fairly old doujinshi that recently got a sequel which I’m reading right now. To honor the sequel, I might as well review the pre-quel. First of all, if you can’t tell from the title the doujinshi is Alice x Mystia. The title relates to a activity which Birds do, but if you want to look it up in more detail read the doujinshi.

Summing up the plot, Mystia is caught in a standard bear trap, where Alice finds her and brings her home to heal her wounds. During the days as the wounds heal, Alice treats Mystia kindly and they both start to realize their feelings for each other.

That’s about as much detail as I feel ab out willing to give out, the doujinshi should be on Wikia among other places such as Danbooru.

Although the artist isn’t the best, he has a very cute style and generally unless you’re a serious critic you shouldn’t see many problems with the artwork at all. Reading this again was nothing more then a romantic and a enjoyable experience to me.

I recommend it to all and I hope you guys get as much enjoyment out of it as I did. Also, no one gave me a PM regarding how to improve my drawing skills yet.


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