Miracle Party ~ <3

Miracle Party is the continuation of Motto! Fushigi no Gensokyo. The series is a rogue-like type game, with much more advanced features and graphics then standard rogue-likes. This doujin series was made by none other then Aqua-style, famous for their various videos regarding flashy animations.

Before Comiket, the game was presented in a trailer. Showing the following features such as game-play, menu’s, character voices, dialogue, cut-scenes, the box art and playable characters. In two different videos spanning 3 minutes and 5 minutes respectively.

Unlike in the first game, where you played as Reimu, as the name states the main character will be Sanae, accompany’d by a party determined before you leave the dungeon. Therefore, unlike the first game you can go exploring with Kanako and Suwako, among others I believe.

There are people who have completed the game, so if you wish to spoil it for yourself, that’s a option.

What is most noticeable is the cut-scenes shown in the trailer. They are very high quality with the game during cut-scenes presenting visual novel style game-play with full professional voice acting so I’ve seen.

Regarding game play, I have not been able to give this game a run though. The first game however raised many complaints about being extremely hard, being traveling 25 floors though dungeons and the single death requiring you start at level 1 with nearly no items again at the start of the dungeon.

Along with having to grind 2x the floor level to keep up with the new youkai you had to fight. Along with status ailments that could screw you over.

But the game is beautiful the trailer doesn’t disappoint but it impresses a lot of people. This is definitely a game you’ll have to check out in your free time even if your a fan who doesn’t particularly like Sanae all that much.



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