Touhou Doujinshi Collections – Popular Locations

I’m not going to give you any out of the ordinary links because I’m a bit too tired to dig them out right now. If you want translated Touhou doujinshi, you should look though Magic Archive Voile, a community project for scans to translate Touhou doujinshi into english. They later get archieved and put on Touhou wikia accordingly.

Uhm, yeah. You can look on Wikia for already done translations, but like all languages the Japanese Language is up to interpretation so therefore multiple translations on various sites may be different.

Voile is a place for requests, so if you have any requests and you have a scan you usually go there and then a random moon speaker will attempt to do it for you. Then it follows a pattern of, edits, reviews, comments, criticism, repeat. Until it reaches a satisfactory level.

Its really poor organization if your looking for a specific doujinshi, so I’d just look at wikia and download the doujinshi there if you truly wanted. At least those are ordered by doujin groups in a alphabetical order, unlike this image board which is by post/bumps.

Well at least unlike 4chan, requests don’t fall off the board… probably.



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