Touhou Pojo Team Accomplished!

I finally started a Touhou Team on Pojo. If it gets locked or deleted I’ll be so sad. So far it has 6 replies which is extremely sad and it’ll probably end up dying before it gets anywhere. I don’t want that to happen. So I’m promoting the team here to get more people.

That aside, today’s post will be about Namusan. A group project of Niconico, getting voices and art from a variety of groups a little video editing to create amazing projects where Touhou characters live out their lives.

This is a link to episode 3.

The other episodes are in the related videos. I recommend you watch them in order. I have to say I love episode 3 the most. But if someone could tell me what the music is starting at 3:00. I think I might love you forever. Just joking, but I’d be very thankful for it.

Namusan stars Alice, Marisa and so far the UFO cast, barring Ichirin. I can’t wait for the 5th episode myself. This is definitely a project I want to watch more of. Its inspirational and I think any fan of Touhou should definitely watch it. Aren’t the fans amazing, even I have to look upon them in glee. Fans of a danmaku shooter coming this far. I want to contribute.


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