【Touhou MMD】Alice’s Gravity=Reality Dance【東方】

Here’s the recommended video.


The latest MMD famous Alice model dancing while Reimu does stuff in the back ground. I don’t really think I need to say more unless you want to provide a idea of what she’s doing that in the first place. Otherwise, the person who made this video has a interesting sense of humor.

Request time! Now, I don’t remember any of you guys ever once replying to my requests. Maybe once by one person, but probably not more then that. So if you know for this request because its realy important.

I want you guys to see if you can get me anime drawing references. I want to be able to do something for the Touhou Community and I’d love to make great art. So if you could help me learn by any way possible that’d be great. Even if its useless even if you think it might be pre-mature/basic anything would be appreciated if you just gave me something. Thank you for your time.

I wonder where Ness goes over the weekends. Oh well, guess I’ll just sleep in her bed until she gets back. Zzzzzz <3~. Or something like that, sigh… back to reading doujinshi.



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