Because of the game Ten Desires, woo. At any rate, what I want is to live alone, and be free. My top desire is to live in Gensokyo, although I probably wouldn’t be able to support myself because I don’t have any outstanding skills that could probably net me a job at the human village. Therefore, where are my options? Well, here’s things I’d consider.

1. Living with Alice.

She’s definitely nice enough and typically doesn’t attack humans unless under special circumstances, like Marisa. She’d most likely take me in although at worse I’d have to do some share of the work or actually look for a alternative while I settle at her house until I actually find one. I can’t say she’ll be the best company but being previously human herself, etc she’d definitely be one of the better companies in Gensokyo.

2. Living in the Moriya Shrine.

Although I’m not too sure what Kanako would do. It’s also high the Youkai mountains while having a lot of Tengu and Kappa visitors. Unless the actual Sanae is similar to some of the more insane sadistic fanon representations of Sanae, I think it should be fine. After all they did come from the outside.

3. Living in the Human Village.

It sounds boring, but I doubt Akyuu or Keine would let people starve if they could do something about it. I could go to her school and see how that goes though.

4. Living with Reimu.

She’d kick me out, but seeing all the youkai pass by?

5. As a maid in the SDM.

Dangerous, but it sounds fun. However if you don’t satisfy Remilia. Things may get problematic.

Oh and I also need a new computer.


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