Hieratic Build


This is my build. It is centered around the OTK. First some choices, Eset is for a normal summon option that can also search out normal monsters. Three normals is because I do get into situations where getting out 3 normals is the best option. However, one of them is a different normal in case of Chain Disappearance. There are 12 search/draw cards in total, to hopefully get the OTK fast. I do not like Duality because I cannot set it/play it on my opponents turn and would rather run Legacy of Yata instead. This has been working pretty well except against massive back-row decks that’s always a problem. However it has amazing consistency in terms of getting out the same Gaia Dragoon x 2, Photon Streak Bouncer, Gustaph Max out. Which ultimately results in a OTK. I have occassionally done it T1, but I usually prefer to wait for a clear back-row. Regarding the latest spells and traps. They do have potential but I feel like they won’t work in a OTK oriented build. Trials is interesting, flexible until you realize its a situational -1. But when you think about its potential in Frog Monarchs. Looks like things might of just got a little more interesting for decks outside the big three.


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