Thank you too..

First, I’d like to start out today’s lazy 200 word count blog post by giving thanks to OrpheusTelos on Pojo for making the signature I always wanted containing the Celestial Tenshi Hinanawi. Who is both a playable and a final boss in Touhou 10.5 as well as being a playable and possible opponent in Touhou 12.3 as well. For those who aren’t aware, those are the fighters.

Have you guys been playing Kamidori? I have, reaching to Chapter 5 with 25 hours of game-play invested in with my characters being a average of level 20. While the main character is a guy who quickly submits to people’s desires and foolishly does things that are in the end seen in a noble kind of way, haves me having to run around spending large payments of my gold for alcohol just because he decided to walk into someone’s home. Or let over the catch of a century for the sake of saving a boy from being scolded from his parents.

As noble as this seems, I do wish that I could at least get some kind of reward for it.. maybe some minor gold? So I stop going out of debt and reaching a game-over state because the best shop-keepers I have are the people who I want out in the battle field?

Oh, it’s 200 words, back to not doing homework!


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