Request – Online Anime Store

Long story short, I want a place where I can buy Touhou related content for a cheap price. As long as I can pay with paypal and its a fairly reputable place, I’m not really concerned where. Honestly, I’d prefer if the site was in english but its not too much of a issue.

Mostly, I’m looking for efficient ways to preserve the sleeves I have. There’s the basic, mat, double sleeving if anyone else have any other recommendation then that’d be nice. I also want a Touhou deck box, that’d be nice. But I don’t feel like paying 26$+ for a deck box when I already have one. I mean, 26$ isn’t that much but when I already have to wait a month to get it, becomes even more iffy to me.

However, I guess if I stop waiting for it’ll come eventually, probably. And then I’ll be happy when it comes and be able to play with it all day and night.

I really wish I had a constant friend to discuss Touhou stuff with, but the friends I have now are either too busy to reply to me or the Touhou communities I don’t really like. Sigh. What to do.




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