Who is she?

Who is she? She’s Yamame Kurodani, first stage boss and often forgotten character from SA, Touhou 11. Of course, that’s her only appearance, so its not surprising she’s not mentione dvery much like Medicine. With the ability to control diseases, and being a spider youkai, you see some pretty unique humor with this girl. Making you wonder about her ability to “sexually eat” Wriggle, while inducing her with a sexual disease to make her in heat every week.

Canon wise, she doesn’t hate humans. Although most humans and youkai dislike her for her ability, but she seldom uses it. You also see a lot of jokes with her about webs and other spider like aspects, if she’d be rather “Bad ass” looking or Raep face looking.

I’m not sure of how strong she actually is canon-wise. She lost to the heroine, Reimu / Marisa, like all other bosses but without a significant ability, its hard to say. But the spell card rules don’t exactly show absolute strength so.

Being a Tsuchigumo, she’s usually paired with people like Medicine, who shares a similar ability or Wriggle if not the SA group. I’d believe her and Wriggle is probably the most prominent pairing, being a Bug, somewhat + Spider. But who knows.



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