Anime Recommendation

Besides the fan made Touhou animes, if I had to recommend a anime it’d have to be either Madoka or Saki. But I’m going to go with Saki right now because that’s what I’m watching right now. If you looking for something deep, you won’t find too much deep back-story here. But from the back-story they give in a short amount of time you find yourself relating you characters that you end up caring about.

Yes, its a anime about girls and mahjong. The latter half you guys won’t be too happy with. I hardly understand how to play the game either, who cares. You just look at the flashy explosions that probably should blow up the table. Oh and girls can cause miracles and have luck beyond your wild dreams. Why aren’t they playing poker? Like really.

I think I like Holy Marks, I’ll be trying them from now on.

50 more words, what should I put? Stay open minded people, and try to make as many friends as possible, you’ll end up regrettin-. I mean not regretting it later on. If anyone wants a new card game because you know, everyone is quitting, check out Sword Girls. I mean, there’s fan service, so at least you have one thing to like.



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