Today, Reflection

I lost 2-0 with Mist Valleys in the DN tournament. I didn’t expect to go far though, opening up with double Blastfans when I only ran two and generally putting together a deck.

Well, what should I talk about right now? Oh, how about Cirno. Our baka. 2nd stage boss of EoSD was her first appearance, with the boss theme of Beloved Tomboyish Girl. Making further appearances in Fairy Wars and Touhou Hisoutensoku and so on. Despite commonly being depicted as a idiot. She actually is one of the smartest and strongest of her group, fairies. With the ability to control ice with her famous spell cards, Icicle Fall and Perfect Freeze among others. Cirno is usually associated with the number ⑨. Being a ⑨-ball, a fair number of western fans when associated with Cirno usually say ⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨ and generally spam it over and over. She’s rather popular in the western community. However, unlike the western community you see a lot less of that kind of thing in the eastern community, and she is actually one of the less popular characters despite ⑨ being a constant spammed meme between english speakers. She does tend to make it between 20-30s of the rankings, so I suppose that’s still considerable.


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