How many of you guys would be interested in…

I really really don’t feel like doing today’s blog post. No wonder why people refrain from doing these things so often. That being said, the DN tournament is underway, with all the different random archtypes. Although we have some leeway in S/T choices, most people just picked generics while I tried to go with something different.

Do any of you guys play Dota in Warcraft III: TFT? If so, call me up sometime! Disregard the fact that my load time on average is usually 60 to 400 seconds, but I’ll finish eventually. Except at times I’ll feel bad if it takes more then 10 minutes… Which never happens unless my computer crashes or something. At the very least I’d like to listen to music while playing dota but my computer jeez.

I wonder if anyone will ever translate Miracle Party, probably not. Its huge and scripting it is a long time and probably a pain. At most I’d expect a item list but past that I guess I’ll have to go and learn Japanese before anything else.

Oh and for the DN tournament I’ll be playing Mist Valleys, yayyyy. Or bad valleys, because I open up terrible and generally lose every game. But hopefully I’ll have better luck later.



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