Touhou Visual Novel – Recommendation

Now, I honestly rather recommend something like Iamp for the Busy People in terms of quality visual novels because of the comedy and voice actors who add onto the game-play experience. But what kind of person who’d be looking at my blog needing a recommendation actually know Japanese? Probably not right?

So therefore, I go towards the english-made VN, Eastern Starlight Romance. A Touhou visual novel made by Ren’py, most likely and includes Marisa Kirisame as the main heroine in that story. The characters aren’t under a strict canon interpretation, which does make things comedic.

To sum up the plot line, discontented with the recent passing of her father. This is not canon. She seeks ways for immorality though research and magic. With the assistance of residents of Gensokyo like Yukari, Patchouli and Eirin, she develops her potion, meeting snags along the way, as all research projects tend to go. But on her spare time, she goes and does what she normally does, fanon wise. Meeting up Reimu, playing with Flandre, talking to Alice or studying with Patchouli. And guess what hint, hint. Those are the four possible routes that are most evident at the moment.

Although the demo only goes up to V.2 so far, its enough to for me personally to kill 60 hours of my time, by constant playthroughs just because I personally felt like it was rather fun. One playthrough assuming you don’t actually skip though text probably shouldn’t take anymore then 3 to 5 hours. The game is unfinished and will stop under a point in time. But for those who played the first demo you’ll be able to go into further depth with your relationships and research, leaving you with a cliff hanger in the end which will inspire you to wait for more.

I’m not exactly fond of the quality of this picture I have today. But its hard to find a better representation of the visual novel. That being said its still way beyond anything I could do.


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