Please give me the liberty of making today’s post random story time.

Because I have something I need to remember and my memory is so bad I can’t even remember my friends names at times.




Squiddy’s Thoughts: This place is boring. The people are all the same. No one here has any originality. They all try to be different, but in doing that they’re all the same. Why did I come here? What am I still doing here?

Every day, its the same routine. Everyone has fun with their group of friends. I’m all alone. No one notices me. No one pays attention to me. And yet, I’m okay with that.

Even if they got to knew me, they wouldn’t like me. I’d have to put up a fake mask as usual. And once that’s off they’d just go about hating me. What’s the point in pretending I’m someone, I’m not? I don’t get it.

There isn’t any reason for me to stay here is there. Then perhaps I should just leave. I’m annoying anyways, that’s what everyone says. No one will even open their ears to listen to me for a second. They all ignored me once they feel like they gave me a chance.

So, this is best for all of us. *Packs up her stuff*.

*Turns away and is about to walk out the door*.

Taco King: Hey, wait up. Where are you going, delinquent?

*Squiddy turns to face Taco King*

Squiddy’s Thoughts: It’s her. That annoying girl again. She calls herself a protector of peace and is simply with-holding the justice here but she’s just the same as everyone one else in the end.

Squiddy: What does it matter to you anyways?

Taco King: If you talk to me disrespectfully like that, then I’ll have to think about reporting you again. People have been complaining about you for weeks and yet you still don’t hold any notion of stopping your antics.

Squiddy: Well, I guess everyone will be happy then. Because I’m leaving.

Taco King: Huh? What kind of nonsense are you saying now?

Squiddy: That’s what you want isn’t it? After all, with me around there’s less trouble, less work for you to do. I don’t fit in this place anyways, because I’m always causing trouble. Everything is always my fault! “Oh! Look at her, she can’t even speak properly. Ahahah!” Every day, people bully me and bully me! They think I’m the mean one, please thye haven’te ven gotten a chance to even know me. That’s why I decid-

*Taco King hugged Squiddy from behind*

Taco King: It’s hard isn’t it.

*Taco starts to stroke Squiddy’s hair*

Taco King: I never truly realized how lonely you must of been allt his time and I’ve been doing nothing but scolding you. I guess I haven’t done a very good job…

Squiddy: What are you talking about… I-I…

Taco King: I don’t want you to leave, after all. Aren’t we friends? Even if I get angry at you, I still like you a lot.

Squiddy: … That doesn’t change my mind.

Taco King: Then how about this. I’ll find some friends for you, you’ll be the center of attention and you’ll be free to be whoever you want to be and have people who like you for who you are. But you can’t always step over the line you know, or else I’ll get mad.

Squiddy: …Hmph, I’ll consider it then.

*Taco King takes Squiddy’s hand*

Taco King: Great, now let’s go out to eat.


Several Days Later.

Squiddy: Ahahaha! Pitiful fools, take this! *Swings her bat launching the ball into the sky scoring a home run for her team* Noobs! You won’t be able to stand up to me! Ahaha!

Redshift: Honestly, that girl… Ever since a few days ago she’s been getting a lot worse.

Ness: But she did stop causing trouble and destroying everything. Besides, look. She’s even smiling now.

*In the distance Taco is clapping her hands*

Taco King: Go for it, Squiddy! You can do it!

Redshift: Well, I guess things are better this way.

Ness: Much better.


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