A look into Ness’ family.

Masterdramon: And so, if we look in the Sengoku period, two great generals stood facing off each other at the dawn of night. Their swords, clashing in the rain. Kyaaa! How can this not get you excited!

*Masterdramon smashed her hand onto her desk*.

Well, with that first period is dismissed.

*Door suddenly opens*

Ness: Sorry for being late, sensei.

*Ness walked in, holding a petite female young child’s hand.*

*Class goes silent*

Everyone: “…”

Redshift: “Who did this to you!”

Ness: E-eh? Huh?

Redshift: Who’s the father, I must find out!! *Pulls out a knife*

Gaspar: “Or perhaps… Ness is one of those girls.. Could she be… a pedophile? Skull Buster, call the police.”

Skull Buster: “Right.”

Ness: “H-hey! Wait a second, its nothing like that.”

Ness: “This is just a child I’ve found. A friend of mine felt sorry for it and left it to me to take care of.”

Redshift: “Ah… phew… To think I thought that Ness would of had someone else’s baby.”

Ness: “What’s that supposed to mean you pervert.”

Gaspar: “So, what kind of name did you give her? She’s cute.”

Ness: “I thought about it for a while, and I settled on this. Pudding sounds cute doesn’t it..?”

Everyone’s thoughts: It doesn’t work..

Gaspar: A-ah.. well, How about Martia instead?

Ness: Martia? Hm… Okay. Today, your name will be Martia!

*Ness lifts Martia off the ground by her arms.*

Gaspar:: Why’d you bring her to school anyways?

Ness: She wouldn’t stop following me to school and I was already late so I couldn’t do anything about it. Ah, I don’t have any milk with me…

Gaspar: Milk? She’s still at that age?

Ness: Yeah, uhm well… What should I do…

* Hesitantly strips off shirt*


Ness: Well, that would of been impossible, anyways…

*Going off to buy milk*.



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