Ness exclusive story.


Ness: I sense a rat in my room. Let’s see, how to broil thieving rats…

*Redshift crawls out from under the bed*

Redshift: Hey, don’t be so harsh. I only wanted to see you.

Ness: Does that usually involve sneaking in here by the window and hiding under my bed?

Redshift: Well, don’t mind the small details.

Ness: Honestly, what am I too do with you. Can’t you at least take the door like a normal person?

Redshift: Hey, I’m normal.

Ness: … Well, if you here, I guess your going to steal something aren’t you?

Redshift: Yup, but I’m looking for something different tonight.

Ness: Oh.. what would that happen to be. Well, as long as you put everything back in the end I suppose I won’t mind if you take anything.

Redshift: Then, I guess I’ll help myself then.

*Hugs Ness*

Redshift: Tonight, I’m looking for a girl’s heart.

*Ness blushes*

Ness: Wha… what?!

Redshift: Don’t be shy!

*Rips off Ness’ clothes*

Ness: E-eh…?!

Redshift pushes Ness onto the bed.

Redshift: Ness…

Ness: Redshift…


Redshift: Mnhhmmm… Ness

*Redshift is sleeping on Ness’ lap*

Ness: I wonder what kind of dream she’s having.


And lazy post of the day , yayayayaya. I promise you a shorter post tomorrow.



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