Ever since Reimu was given a alternate outfit starting from Touhou 6, she’s been known to wear a Sarashi or bandages used for Breast binding. Because everyone knows there’s no bras in Gensokyo~ *Shot*. Nevertheless, everyone knows that Reimu’s armpits are revealed on the sides, because of two-piece outfit that includes detached sleeves. Although along with her armpits, you can by theory see her breasts as well. And that’s where the Sarashi bandages come along.

It also has a variety of other purposes. But I’m sure none of you guys actually care.

The picture contains a example if your interested of the Sarashi.

The new format is definitely interesting. I’ll be swapping to the E-Tele engine and putting in a 2nd torrential tribute.

This is today’s music recommendation from me to you! Happy valentines day everyone! Oh wait, I’m probably a few months late.

Regardless, I love the picture and the mood of the music. I would love to see what kind of lyrics this song would have but I suppose its fine and maybe even better this way. And sine I’ll be busy for the majority of my weekend if I actually did some work every now and then, time to start playing Dota. Until tomorrow, I guess.



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