I cannot express my desire for clothes ;_;

And yet, I can’t happen to be encouraged to shell out huge amount of money for the clothes I want. Seeing how I’m unemployed with little to no income.

Therefore, what’s the only solution? Make my own! Of course, I have no real idea how and I should probably learn eventually. I heard college you have a lot of free time. But then I hear that’s also bullshit. What is this bullshit flying around everywhere. I assume it just depends on the circumstances / college so let’s hope I get lucky. Although my friend says he manages to show up for exams only and pass with A’s. What is this. Natural genius.

Does anyone know what a Kigurumi is? I’m not sure how to explain it but its more around the lines of new-generation cosplaying. Although many people think its creepy a lot of people think a lot of things are creepy. I should try it sometime and see how it goes.

Generally its like mask + outfit to look like a anime character. If you could move the eyes and change expressions then that’d be great, but I suppose in a few years…

Technology is really changing, no wonder people look at the latest stuff. Gives people something to look forward too.



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