Minecraft Day 1.

I awakened in a new world. The land was blanketed in snow along

with the trees. It was freezing my body even though the sun was

still out. I wanted to find someone, I really did. But it was just so

cold that I could hardly go anywhere. I looked around and walked

here and there. Finding myself a frozen small pond, glad that I at

least had some water in this bizarre place. There, I rested breaking

though the ice to get some water. Night fell, and I was at work

breaking though the ice when I was suddenly attacked by a giant

spider. Scared, I backed up to the wall, throwing punches at the

open air until it didn’t move anymore. It was dangerous at night, I

dug a giant hole deep into the ground and hid until the next


I hid and dug deeper into the hole. So deep I couldn’t even see

the light at the end of it when morning came out. I had wood that

I magically obtained earlier, I don’t know how I got it either.

Making some space in the hole, I built a few torches to light my

way as I dug a staircase up. Back to the Surface, a arrow piereced

my chest. I was knocked back, finding myself head to head with a

skeleton. I rammed my pick axe into it’s body, but all it did was

flinch. It pulled back the string, aimmed it at me. Then everything

went dark.

Perhaps next time, I should make smarter decisions.


Summary of my first experience in Minecraft. Tomorrow I’ll do the Monthly Video.



Low Energy

I feel very tired. I should try one of those energy drinks my friend is recommending to me. I’m not particularly sports-like, but that doesn’t mean I’m fat or anything. I’m actually as people say, really light. I do happen to stay at home a lot. For a variety of reasons. One is because there isn’t much to do outside for me, and there isn’t really anyone I want to see. It’s a hard hard day, and I feel somewhat that I usually have enough of people by meeting them at school.

Not to say the people I meet are particularly bad or anything. It’s just a bit tiring along with everything. More so that lately, I’m going with the Social Life, Sleep, Good Grades pick two approach. I think they skipped me when they were asking me which two I wanted.

But, I’ve been watching mine craft! I cannot manage to somehow spend 10$ for this game so I’ve been watching a let’s play. Along with everything else, there’s been a group of people that have been making giant towers of Touhoumon characters. That probably only take about two seconds to burn down in the end. Such a shame for multiplayer.


It’s the end of the month, nearly.

With that, I need to do another update. Not on my blog this time, I’ve been updating my blog every day like a good girl. So someone pat me on the head, eheh. But for Team Miracles, I need a monthly video update. There’fore, I’ll ask you. Yes, you the random lonely guy sitting in his mom’s clothes in your room with the lights turned off. I mean, wahh?

Joking aside, what would you guys like to see? No one ever really PMs me regarding my blog psots. Because not many people actually read them at all. You have until that day to PM me about what you want and I’ll take all your recommendations into consideration! Although I’m expecting next to none if I make the request here and not just ask people directly.

Perhaps, I should just post it on Pojo, at least that way I know people looked at it.

Ah, yes. About Sword Girls, there’s no 2nd day edition. The whole day, the game has been down for server issues and what not. Not a great way to start off the 2nd day seeing how the first day ended with multiple disconnects.

I’m not really complaining though.


Sword Girls Review / Comments.

So, today the open beta of Sword Girls came out.  A online card game containing a cast that’s primarily girls. Sound familiar? Well, today I decided to check it out, as I was quickly joined the game that required no download what so ever. Only to meet the important decision of picking from four starter decks that I wanted to choose. Being me, I decided to pick, Vita. I was quickly thrown into a lobby after choosing what channel I wanted to go into. With multiple options on the side and people chatting on the bottom. With all my MMORPG knowledge, first place to go is usually the quests. So I completed the quests only to burn though my token rewards until I found out they costed real money to get more.

Taking on the Dungeon for the first time, I decided it’d be in my best interest to face off against the Easy Dungeon that has a total of 10 Floors. Each floor, I was subject to fighting one of four different kinds of enemies who used one different deck against me. They were all annhilated with little difficulty except irritation when my best units swapped stats with their weakest unit. Stopping short of only blowing my field.

Luckily, hands size means nothing and it sure is good to have a game where monsters stay for a while. Did I say monsters, I mean girls.

Facing the 10F stage boss that I heard everyone was losing too I figured I’d probably end up having a similar fate. And as a matter of fact, I did. I ended up losing to the same boss 6 times so far. And when you lose, you have to start all the way back at the beginning of the dungeon. Going back 10Fs only to win two item resource cards per fight. Eventually I smartened up and crafted some of the cheapest cards possible to improve my deck. Only conflicted with the fact I lost against due to bad hands. Even with double mulligan, the chances of that is…

Well, so I tried once more, allowing me the chance to rampage my enemies. Only to stop on F7 as I somehow disconnected from internet causing me to start over  again.

So sad.


I just realized something. I spend a lot of time on forums posting. Then I spend more time posting no here. Therefore, can’t I combine the two?

Danbooru at worst is its ads. You can also putting, rating:safe and its the same as Safebooru, except for the ads.

But most importantly, your looking for this stuff.

Which the majority is actually safe. If Safebooru is for safe stuff. And Gelbooru is for non-safe stuff. Danbooru has some of both but is mostly in-between. The majority is safe though, don’t worry. I can even give you some front page recommendations.

Rapattu’s 4 Season’s House is a classic and its nice to read. There are times where he goes on long hiatus and times where he does a update every day. It really depends.

Hang in there, Kogasa-san. By Mizuki is a 4koma drawn by a Touhou por- artist. The content is all safe rated though. In this 4koma, it’s just comical events in his life exaggerated for humor and self-inserts of him and his friends. He’s portrayed as Kogasa while his life is portrayed as Sanae. They are fairly popular. From what I heard, a danbooru member was talking about how they were talking to him at Comiket. Although the danbooru member wasn’t very good at Japanese. A few days later, or maybe even the next day, Mizuki drew a 4koma of his experience of it. This is daily updates so its always good to check up.

Instant 200 words. Yes, I’m starting to get lazy, but I’m going to start on my homework right now, kay?

I’m sure most of you guys know how a lot of the fandom calls Sanae a slut. Which is a running meme like everything else, I blame doujins like Happy Flame Time, although as awesome as it is. But when you think about it canonically, who’s the only named character who ever had children?

If you want a hint, she’s in my picture. Yup, yup. By the way the text when translated says, “I-It’s actually my first time… /// (Men, they are so easy, aren’t they?)”. The red text is just BLUUUSH. Or something around those lines. I’m not a translator of any sort, sorry you guys. I’m just taking this off danbooru.


The remnants of YCS Long Beach

Yes, it’s a two part edition. Because I feel bad, and sick really. I haven’t started on any of my work and I figure I might as well do my blog post before I forget. Not that its relevant, if your coming to me for Yu-gi-oh help, then you might as well be posting in the novice section.

But I’m just here to report the increase of price in Skill Drain, I think. Along with the selling out of Piper on popular sites.

Have you guys read the Hunger Games, its a interesting book so far. Survival books tend to interest me, although I can’t really help but feel like wanting to skip to the survival part.

So you know about that cross-over anime with Touhou that some company announced for their 10th anniversary special? It was apparently released and watched on a 5 day period. Did I already post this here? I’m not sure really.

At any rate, some people Japan watched it and told me about its plot, or so they said. In general, it was pretty much a pretty big lights show involving the Touhou characters coming to our world. And Flandre etc, etc.

Might as well pass you a link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9rxpzqHujc

But, that’s it. Martia, activato modo.


YCS Long Beach

I live in California and I probably should of went, should I? Has a girl ever once won a event like a YCS, I don’t think so. Guys would probably make a huge commotion about it though. With that in mind, it looks like the Top 8s has been released. The majority is Dino Rabbit, I’m not really surprised. I was hoping for a rogue deck, but sadly not. At least Chain Burn made Top 16. But 4000+ people? Anyone should be proud to make it in the Top 64, but not arrogant. After all, don’t we already have enough of those kinds of people around?

Ah, I should of probably made that post about that Touhou 10th anniversary anime. No, no. It’s not Touhou’s 10th anniversary, after all the game started in the 1990s or so. But a company made a Touhou x something, cross over anime to celebrate their 10th anniversary. It’s fairly old news that came out at the end of ’10.

They played it in select theaters over a span of 5 days, ending 2 days ago on the 23th of March. People are wondering if there will be DVDs of it, but of course they aren’t allowed to make money off ZUNs characters. If anyone magically got a copy/recording, then that’d be amazing. I heard a general outline of the plot and from what people say, its just generally a flashy light show. I still want to see it though.