My attempts to clear up misconceptions.

Zun, the god of Touhou and the creator of the game pretty much. The one sole person. So long story short, he’s been dating a woman for a long time and he already got married with her about 6 months prior to this date. He’s having the wedding ceremony to seal the deal on Reitaisai 9, which means he won’t be showing up to that event which also means no Touhou demo either. From what I heard, he didn’t seem to intend to make it on the same date of Reitaisai where in actuality he chose that date, and Reitaisai seemed to be happened to be hosted on the same date later. And yes, you really don’t want to post pone a wedding ceremony unless your wife says yes, but even that’s a strange thing to ask.

A lot of people say that this is the end of Touhou. Its not. Touhou is eternal, Zun has made no announcements of saying he’ll be quitting the project, nor will Touhou be going to shit either. The fans will always be fans. Oh, and here’s another thing. His wife helped program Touhou games, starting from IN, Imperishable Night Touhou 8. What now.

Its surprising though, I wonder how things will turn out.


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