70$ dollar budget.

I’m on a 70$ budget, I ask you guys for a request. I can buy one thing, from ebay or Troll and Toad or anything else and I’m not sure what to buy. Last time I bought a Touhou poster, it looks nice and I’m happy with my cheap but beautiful poster. I’m in a spending mood again seeing how I’ve been saving a bit, but I’m not sure what I should buy. I know some people say I shouldn’t spend money on anything except necessities, but living life for the sake of living is a sin in itself. Therefore, time to find some nice luxuries.

I don’t really know what I want to buy though, I’d like it if it was on the cheap side. Although I do say a 70$ budget, unless its a truly good deal I probably won’t spend 70$. I saw a maid outfit on ebay for 25$, but do you honestly expect me to wear something like that? Pfft. Okay you guys would but that’s another issue.

Or maybe I should just save up and see what I can buy later? I don’t know, I need some suggestions. If I could carry it around or wear it, all the better. < Will be amazed if I get a single reply.


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