Alone on Christmas

Today’s Christmas! What’s that? Feb 27th you say? Well, let’s just pretend its Christmas. So what were you doing home alone during Christmas? Shouldn’t you been out with your friends or going to parties or having fun with family maybe rather then staying on Pojo or reading Marisacache? The answer is no. Otaku life is centered around the internet! Be on it 24/7. Shut out your doors, lock your rooms but if someone extends their arm wanting to be your friend you should really take it. Like seriously, if their that persistent then it has to mean something. It might not be fun at first, but you won’t regret it! Most of the time.

And so, 22$ trial decks, in Vanguard. When will it finally become cheaper. Maybe I should just order some on ebay and then we’ll all be happy then. But then there lies the problem of finding someone to play with. Ah, why can’t I just shoot myself and go to Gensokyo. I’d probably re-incarnate if I don’t go to the Netherworld though.

Even then there’s no promise I’d been in Gensokyo too, or retain my old memories. If I could retain my old memories that’d be nice… Yes, today is a lazy post day because I have homework to not do.


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