The Top 25 results of the 9th popularity poll / Recommended Music / Tri Fox – Character Profile

[Rank] [Rank 1 poll ago] [Rank 2 polls ago] [Name] [# of Points] [# of 1st Place Votes]

1   1   1   Reimu Hakurei   9583   1999
2   7   6   Alice Margatroid   9265   2094
3   2   4   Sakuya Izayoi   8635   1879
4   4   5   Remilia Scarlet   8205   1677
5   5   3   Marisa Kirisame   8028   1643
6   9   10   Flandre Scarlet   7824   1433
7   3   7   Yuuka Kazami   7289   1571
8   13   13   Youmu Konpaku   7032   1590
9   10   18   Aya Shameimaru   7016   1351
10   8   8   Satori Komeiji   6925   1100
11   6   2   Sanae Kotiya   6880   1555
12   11   9   Fujiwara no Mokou   6129   1224
13   12   11   Yuyuko Saigyouji   6093   1325
14   15   22   Koishi Komeiji   5852   943
15   14   12   Yukari Yakumo   5797   1058
16   16   14   Utsuho Reiuji   4950   784
17   17   16   Patchouli Knowledge   4777   937
18   20   19   Tenshi Hinanawi   4758   686
19   –   –   Mononobe no Futo   4479   398
20   18   24   Nitori Kawashiro   4162   700
21   22   20   Hong Meiling   4114   854
22   31   36   Momizi Inubashiri   3823   671
23   19   15   Byakuren Hijiri   3759   518
24   21   17   Suwako Moriya   3690   623
25   23   23   Cirno   3604   762

Want to know the rest? PM me or google it. It’s easy to find after all.

You know, Alice Margatroid hasn’t done much this past year and yet she’s at the 2nd? That’s almost as surprising as Yuuka being 3rd last year. But I’m not complaining, Alice is one of my most favorite characters. Although the actual surprising part is that she got the #1 most marked. Even surpassing Reimu.

Sanae didn’t do as well as I thought, it’s a shame really. Marisa is 5th between the Scarlet Sisters who are high as usual. Sakuay just got pressed down to 3rd, which is pretty good.

Now looking at TD characters, it looks like only one character made it to the top 25. Mononobe no Futo, who is the 5th stage boss of Ten Desires.

Nothing seems too unusual about this though. It does raise some questions if popularity polls mean anything at all though.

You guys know I always take requests if you want a certain day to contain a certain post you know?

Oh, but don’t forget that the 9th popularity poll is for the English / Non Japan community. The rest of the Ten Desires group is way down in the polls. I’ve been talking to people and they seemingly been taking a while to warm up to the characters, but I guess that’s only natural.


Time to pick up a few albums of C78. This is my recommendation.

Yes, it’s a song not a album. I feel like this song has a really beautiful melody and although people aren’t always fond of vocals with Touhou music I’m sure most people will like this.

I also found myself getting more used too Screamo music. Although I always prefer music without it, I don’t really mind anymore. I guess that’s a + for Foreground Eclipse. You know your doing it right if I don’t end up minding.


Tri Fox – Character Profile

A school teacher and a cook as well. Being a school teacher she can be quite strict, but usually over-looks most things. Having a obsession with animals, she often takes care of them in private. Hardly ever the center of attention she’s usually quiet at times and tends to pop up out of no where from time to time. She’s Joenen’s older sister despite them not looking similar.

Along with being nimble, her combat ability nearly unrivaled. Being able to control the earth around her to her will and materialize nearby objects into her hand makes her suitable to fighting in nearly every environment.

Stubborn and Blunt, most people end up not liking her at first. But she helps everyone out without even being asked. Fainting a few times per week due to over-work, her sister pleads her to take it easy once and a while.


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