Yuri in Touhou

I like this picture. Can anyone remind me what doujin this is from? Well, at any rate Touhou as a mostly all female cast. Outside of fanon material, all canon games don’t contain a single male character. Maybe by mention, but you don’t actually see any. Of course, back during IN’s release there was a lot of talk about Wriggle maybe being a guy until ZUN said otherwise.

The few guys there are contain the ever popular Rinnosuke and less known ones such as Youki and such.

However, seeing how there’s a all female cast, a lot of fanon materials have been prone to depicting everyone in Gensokyo as gay in some way. Of course, in terms of Touhou people don’t consider this strange, it’s actually really cute.

However, sad to say there’s no actual canon evidence to support any kind of love relationships between any characters. Marisa and Reimu might be the closest seeing how their friends who always try to resolve the incidents but that’s about as close as they get.

And then in Fanon you get completely strange pairings, Genji x Zombie Fairy. Okay, that’s a exaggeration but I wouldn’t mind reading about that.

Alarm is going off, and I’m at the 200 word count. Until next time.


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